Where Ambition
Meets Innovation

fundcraft isn’t just leading the revolution in financial technology — we’re crafting the future. As trailblazers in the asset management industry, we offer a stage where your career takes off, surrounded by a community of passionate professionals driving change.

(fund)Craft Your Future

Dive into the heart of innovation at fundcraft, where each day is a blend of breakthroughs and bold ideas, where professional growth is intertwined with fun. We’re not just about the numbers and the technology; we’re about sparking joy in our journey to disrupt the fund industry. Why join us? Let’s lay it out.

Truly Entrepreneurial

We promote diversity, talent, and ideas. We value your individual background and your way of thinking to innovate and solve problems. Our employees are empowered to share ideas, make decisions, take ownership, and have an impact.

Focus on What Matters

At fundcraft, our focus is on delivering high-quality services and not on timesheets, internal reporting or billing hours. Working efficiently and being transparent are values we strongly promote.

Get Things Done

Through our flat hierarchy, you can work with great responsibility and autonomy. The chain of communication to your colleagues and the management team is informal and short, allowing you to get fast feedback and to make effective decisions.

Team Spirit

Be part of fundcraft’s highly motivated and ambitious team. In addition to fund services, we love laughing, making jokes, and having good food and drinks together. If you are sporty, join our groups for biking, running, swimming and more.

Career Outlook

As the company grows, you will be able to grow with it. We make sure that you are equipped to take on new challenges through training, coaching and individual career development.

Shared Success

Sharing is caring. We share our company’s success through a Share plan program which is not only for the top management. You may also be eligible for an annual bonus.

Meet the fundcrafters

Dive into stories from our team and discover the energy, passion, and dedication that fuel our collective journey.

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We empower our employees to take ownership of their work, fostering accountability and achievement.


Clear and open communication is our lifeline, ensuring trust and understanding in every interaction.

Team Spirit

Our collaborative work environment encourages teamwork and collective success.


We take charge, unafraid to push boundaries, owning our roles and the results with pride and purpose.

Invest in Yourself

Talented people join our team for a reason. Our culture of growth, teamwork and empowerment sets us apart
from the rest. Join fundcraft and help us build the digital infrastructure that will shape the future of the
fund industry. Apply now and let’s innovate together!