From Complexity
to Clarity.

This is the future of digital fund administration.

One Platform. One Truth.

A single platform that centralises and connects your entire fund back office, automating end-to-end operations and optimising the full investment lifecycle for all stakeholders. One platform, one source of truth – the clarity you’ve been searching for is here.

Gain up to 50%
operational efficiency on manual repetitive tasks

Generate investor reports in a matter of minutes

Onboard LPs in record time and never miss a document

Scale your investor onboarding processes

Focus on Performance.
Not Paperwork.

Optimise your fund administration with fundcraft’s efficient, digital-first platform. We provide a centralised, streamlined approach to back-office operations, delivering real-time, accurate data. Manage Alternative Investment Funds with our all-inclusive, modular system, designed to free you from operational burdens and focus on maximising fund performance.

Unified, Digital Backbone

Simplify your fund’s back-office complexities with our centralised digital infrastructure. Streamline stakeholder collaboration and data flows, ensuring all your operations are interconnected within a single, authoritative system.

Regulatory Excellence

Master the regulatory landscape with our specialised private asset class expertise. Developed and tested by AIFM and Central Administration experts, we provide the guidance you need to navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence.

AIFM & Central Administration Services

Partner with fundcraft for precise fund operations that align our regulatory expertise with your strategic vision, boosting your operational performance and achieving your goals.

Pricing Clarity

Embrace transparent pricing with our value-driven model. By linking costs to deployed capital and the number of investment entities you need, we ensure your fund’s financial planning is aligned with your growth, free from unexpected charges.

Self-Service Synergy

Grant your ecosystem partners the power of action with direct access to our unified platform. This self-service gateway transforms complex fund operations into a cohesive, transparent, and real-time workflow, empowering every stakeholder.

Transitional Freedom

Migrate and onboard with confidence. Our streamlined process eliminates the friction typically associated with service transitions. We ensure a smooth, guided changeover, allowing you to focus on your business without missing a beat.

The Digital Infrastructure
for Asset Management

A unified digital solution, empowering Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Funds of Funds to focus on their core business.

Streamlined operations, accelerated deal-making, and simplified compliance, all tailored to the distinct needs of each investment sector.

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