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fundcraft is the regulatory and administrative partner of private equity, venture capital, funds of funds and feeder funds providing premier fund services.

We are an Alternative Investment Fund Manager authorized under the AIFMD in Europe. Supervised by the CSSF, we provide 3rd party AIFM and central administration services.

Through our proprietary platform, fund managers gain transparency and recover control over their fund’s administrative operations in a collaborative digital environment.

Fully accessible

fundcraft’s proprietary fund services platform, is the cross-functional single source of truth for all stakeholders, information, communication and processes related to the management of the alternative investment fund.

fundcraft experts perform 3rd party AIFM and central administration services on and communicate through the platform.

Fund managers have access to the platform to view the alternative investment fund’s information, trigger processes, and provide data or documents.

Third party data from e.g., lawyers, banks, depositaries, investors and auditors is integrated into the platform via API or through UI-based third party access.

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Sector solutions

Private equity

fundcraft unburdens private equity fund managers with a reliable and efficient fund services solution tailored to their operational and structural complexities.

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Venture capital

fundcraft allows venture capital funds to accelerate without compromising on compliance. With fundcraft, there are almost no limits to the number of deals per week.

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Fund of funds

Funds of funds and feeder funds benefit from fundcraft’s digitized and efficient setup process without setup fees and with digital investor onboarding including digital KYC/AML processes.

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Our service offering
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If you are interested in our service offering and would like to hear more or request a demo, please reach out to us through our contact form. Please provide details about your alternative investment fund, such as fund size, domiciliation, and asset class. We will revert to you shortly.

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Julien De Mayer
Managing Director and CEO
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Benoit Carpentier de Changy
Managing Director and COO
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Victor Martin
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Selma Belmejdoub
Head of Finance
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Philip Murphy
Head of Operations
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Oussama Rimouche
C/O Portfolio manager
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Olga Porro, PhD
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Martin Enssle
Chief of staff to the CEO
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