Protecting Your
Digital Assets

We understand the critical importance of cybersecurity in the digital age, especially for asset managers.

Our strategy is founded on 4 key pillars:

Governance & Monitoring, Secure User Experience, Data Security, and Independent Validation. Our commitment to safeguarding your digital infrastructure is unwavering.

1. Governance & Monitoring: Safeguarding Your Data, Securing Trust

  • Cybersecurity Functionality:
    Our expert team, proficient in IT Administration, DevOps, IT Compliance, and SecOps, oversees a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services.
  • Best Practices Aligned with International Standards:
    We deploy industry best practices in line with ISO 27001, SOC2 and MITRE ATT&CK frameworks to fortify our cybersecurity posture.
  • Proactive Monitoring & Reporting:
    Utilising automated systems, we ensure continuous oversight of cybersecurity risks.
  • Rigorous Change Management:
    Every change, access grant, and system update undergoes meticulous tracking and documentation to maintain unassailable audit trails.

2. Secure User Experience: Your Security, Our Priority

  • Secured Network:
    We relentlessly work to protect our internal networks and cloud infrastructure from malicious threats.
  • Human Firewall:
    Our employees, equipped with comprehensive cybersecurity training, act as vigilant protectors of our systems.
  • Secure Workspace:
    Corporate devices used by our team are centrally managed and fortified with two-factor authentication to ensure a secure working environment.
  • Vendor Risk Assessment:
    We conduct thorough due diligence on service providers to ensure our high standards are universally upheld.

3. Data Security: Unyielding Defense for Your Information Integrity

  • Reliable Data Hosting:
    We entrust our data to Amazon Web Services (AWS), utilising a highly-available cloud infrastructure with redundant services. Additionally, we utilise cloud backup tools and a secondary infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for continuous product availability and added protection.
  • Robust Data Encryption:

    Your data’s confidentiality and integrity are preserved with state-of-the-art encryption, both in transit and at rest.
  • Dedicated Cloud Platform:
    All operations involving client data are performed within our secure cloud environments, isolated from external risks.

4. Independent Validation: Our Excellence, Confirmed

  • Regular Penetration Testing:
    We conduct periodic security assessments with external agencies and automated scans to identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Compliance Verification:
    Third-party auditors rigorously review our security measures, ensuring adherence to trusted industry standards.
  • Commitment to Security Certification:
    We are actively pursuing IT Service Management System (ITSMS) ISO 27001 certification, reaffirming our dedication to cybersecurity excellence.

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where your digital assets are protected by a strategy that’s as dynamic as the cyber threats we face. Our commitment to cybersecurity is not just about protecting data — it’s about ensuring the trust and confidence that is essential in the digital financial world.