Aperture Capital MeetUps: The Future of Alternative Assets

Last week was remarkable for fundcraft, marked by our CEO Julien De Mayer‘s participation in aperture.co‘s events in Geneva and Zurich. Julien brought fresh perspectives to the discussion about the evolution of asset management and the future of alternative assets.

In both cities, Julien highlighted fundcraft’s innovative approach, emphasising our mission to move beyond traditional tools like Excel spreadsheets.

The panels, enriched by the presence of experts like Michael Sidgmore, Nicolas Colin, Teena Jilka, zsolt kohalmi, Antonia Albert, Magnus Grufman and Andreas Iten, offered deep dives into the trends shaping fund administration. These discussions weren’t just about sharing ideas; they were about envisioning the future of asset management and the critical role of innovation in driving our sector forward.

For those who missed out, check out Julien’s article in Aperture Capital’s latest series on the future of alternative assets. Julien delves into the European Long-Term Investment Fund 2.0 and the evolving landscape of complex investments. He also explores the complexities of integrating retail investors into long-term alternative assets, the limitations of traditional fund administration, and the need for digital transformation in fund services.

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