Capital Call Process

Streamline the entire capital call process, from precise calculations and automated notice issuance to easy management of equalisation interest and payment reconciliation, ensuring accuracy and speed in minutes, not hours, all within fundcraft’s digital platform.

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Capital calls can be incredibly intricate, particularly for funds like a $100m vehicle with over 60 LPs and multiple closings. Traditionally managed through a mix of unreconciled spreadsheets, replicated documents, and manually created PDFs — not to forget the risks of phishing associated with email distributions, inaccurately computing the equalisation interest, late payment fees, forgetting overpayments and underpayments from previous capital calls — this process is ripe for modernisation.

At fundcraft, we’ve transformed the capital call process for fund managers. From initial setup to complex calculations and secure delivery, our platform handles it all swiftly and efficiently, all while strictly adhering to your fund’s specific terms. Each step is meticulously designed to maximise efficiency, transparency, accuracy, and security, all in one place. Take a look!

Designed to Enhance Your Operational Efficiency & Accuracy

Capital Call Computations

Simplify capital call computations for investment purposes, operational expenses, and fee assessments, bringing clarity to complex processes including all implications of equalisation interest. This ensures a comprehensive and transparent management of capital allocations within a streamlined digital environment.

Automation of Notifications & Documentation

Automatically generate and dispatch capital call notices to investors, reduce manual efforts and minimise the risk of errors. This ensures timely and consistent communication, which is crucial for maintaining investor relations and compliance.

Integrated Payment Tracking

Provide a centralised dashboard where asset managers can track the status of each capital call, from issued to funded. This integration allows for real-time monitoring and cash movement tracking, enhancing transparency and enabling managers to make informed decisions quickly.

Efficient Cash Management

Facilitate the swift movement of funds with automated workflows. This efficiency in cash management helps ensure that capital is available when needed, optimising the fund’s liquidity and financial management.

Compliance & Record Keeping

Maintain a detailed record of all communications and transactions associated with capital calls. This rigorous documentation aids in compliance with regulatory requirements and simplifies audit processes, providing an additional layer of security and accountability.


As funds grow and the number of investors increases, fundcraft’s platform scales to accommodate the growing complexity without compromising performance or user experience. This scalability is vital for asset managers aiming to expand their operations and investor base.

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