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fundcraft acts as sparring partner for the central administration of alternative investment funds with a dedicated, proactive, and tech-enabled offering. We provide corporate secretarial services, fund accounting, transfer agency, tax and regulatory reporting, and investor reporting.

Corporate Secretary

The corporate secretary ensures diligent and compliant fund management. This concerns tax compliant valuation and pricing, regulatory compliance monitoring, maintenance of unit- or shareholder registers, distribution of income, unit/shares issues and redemptions and contract settlements and ad-hoc inquiries.

fundcraft’s central administration team is composed of dedicated specialists. We act as a one stop shop where the relevant functions are part of interconnected processes fully integrated into our proprietary platform.

All data is processed through our platform, enabling accurate and customised reporting in full compliance with regulations and best practices.


Accounting is a key aspect of the central administration of alternative investment funds. Accounting needs to adhere to the local GAAP and it needs to be in line with legal and management requirements.

fundcraft’s fund accounting experts provide timely, accurate and compliant fund accounting operations. We ensure full alignment with all other fund administration processes.

Our accounting is fully integrated into our proprietary platform. This ensures that the accounting process and accounting data are always transparent and aligned with all other fund administration processes.

Transfer Agency

Transfer agency is the direct link between investors and the fund administrator. The transfer agent responsibly deploys the committed capital and upstream proceeds and maintains all financial records of each investor of the alternative investment fund.

fundcraft performs cash monitoring on a permanent basis to optimise and anticipate cash needs and cash receipts during the fund’s lifetime. fundcraft further reports to investors on a continuous basis and provides support and key data.

Our platform enables fund managers to access capital calls, distributions, etc. and provides strategic KPIs in real time. The platform performs investor KYC monitoring shortening the transactions timeframe.

Tax & Regulatory Reporting

The tax and regulatory environment has greatly evolved in the past few years. European Union legislation and OECD initiatives have been adhered to by Luxembourg and other countries to fight tax evasion and promote transparent tax environments.

The automatic exchange of information between tax authorities of different countries requires clients to disclose more data to the tax authorities in short timeframes. fundcraft ensures its clients that the right amount of data and tax reporting are provided accurately, on time and with less effort.

fundcraft’s platform allows for early automated data capture. The data is integrated according to the needs of the various reports and returns required by our clients. Our platform substantially decreases the effort and time spent with input and review of data commonly disclosed in multiple reports.

Investor Reporting

Investors require timely access to accurate and comprehensive data and reporting to have a complete picture of their assets on all levels. The capital account statement, other financial statements and non-financial reports are central aspects of the communication between fund managers and investors.

fundcraft’s central administration team ensures timely and high quality reporting of all relevant reports to investors. We are dedicated to continuously improving investor reporting based on investors’ needs, latest technology and our experience.

On our platform, we are developing machine learning-enabled real-time reporting that will replace static paper-/pdf-based reporting and allow for better and more in-depth analysis of relevant investor data.

Complimentary Managed Services Powered by fundcraft’s Platform

The fundcraft platform is designed to streamline and enhance fund management processes through advanced automation and integration, providing a robust foundation for our comprehensive service offerings.

Unlock the potential of your alternative investment fund with fundcraft, the single source of truth for your funds’ ecosystem where all members can perform their jobs.

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