The New Era of Client Service in Asset Management


The landscape of asset management is witnessing a significant shift. According to a Funds Europe article, there is an unprecedented $3.9 trillion of dry powder for investment, causing fund managers to critically evaluate their operational strategies to effectively manage the influx of transactions anticipated in the near future. This surge not only demands robust operational capabilities but also a seamless integration with modern technology to meet evolving business and regulatory needs.

At fundcraft, we understand the critical role of efficient and responsive client service in this dynamic environment. Our platform is designed to simplify complex back-office operations and compliance processes, allowing fund managers to focus on the strategic deployment of capital.

Thomas Pire, our Head of Operations, emphasises the importance of this approach, stating, “fundcraft prioritises our client service by ensuring that every interaction and solution provided is tailored to enhance operational efficiency and meet stringent regulatory demands. Our commitment is to be the trusted partner that fund managers can rely on.”

fundcraft stands out in the alternatives industry by offering an integrated solution that combines our technology platform with 3rd Party AIFM and Central Administration services. This holistic approach makes fundcraft a one-stop-shop for fund managers looking to navigate the complexities of today’s market. Whether it’s handling internal work or outsourcing specific tasks, our platform facilitates a blend of both, ensuring flexibility and control over fund operations.

Konstantin Heiermann, Co-Founder, Managing Partner & CFO at Stableton Financial AG, commented, “fundcraft’s intuitive platform has not only seamlessly blended into our day-to-day operations but has also significantly improved our operational efficiency. Its automation of back-office tasks enables us to launch new investment vehicles at speed, and the team that we deal with is able to respond to our questions and projects quickly and professionally. We’re now equipped with the confidence to meet tax, regulatory, and investor demands with unmatched precision and ease, thanks to fundcraft.”

The changing landscape also underscores the need for transparency and continuous communication between fund managers and service providers. As a partner, fundcraft extends beyond traditional back-office functions to include front-office activities such as client onboarding, investor reporting, and KYC/AML compliance. By integrating new technologies, we enhance our capabilities to manage large volumes of digitised data efficiently, thus supporting fund managers as they expand into new asset classes and attract a broader investor base.

As the industry evolves, the relationships between fund managers and their partners must also adapt. fundcraft is committed to reengineering operating models to accommodate new clients and capital inflows, replacing legacy systems with automated platforms that are equipped to handle the challenges of tomorrow.

The role of trusted partners in the alternatives industry is more critical than ever. As fund managers prepare to harness the wave of new investment, they need partners who not only promise but deliver solutions that are both effective and forward-looking. fundcraft is dedicated to being that partner, enabling fund managers to thrive in a new era of asset management.

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