Agility for VCs

Agility is synonymous with opportunity. Give your VC firm the edge with the digital prowess to outpace competition, ensuring rapid, informed decision-making without sacrificing regulatory diligence.

Fast, Digital and Scalable Fund Operations
for Venture Capital Funds

fundcraft empowers VC funds with a digital acceleration platform that doesn’t compromise compliance. Our standardised, digitised processes and proactive team handle high deal flows with efficiency, while our fixed-fee model preserves cost predictability as you scale.

Strategic Edge:

Unleashing VC Potential with Digital Efficiency

Navigate the venture landscape with unmatched agility and assurance. Beyond simple fund admin, our platform delivers a suite of benefits designed to elevate your venture operations, integrating cutting-edge digital processes for high-speed execution and solid compliance, giving you the freedom to focus on high-impact investments with transparent, cost-effective solutions that grow with you.

Digitised Precision

Standardised processes for maximum efficiency and minimal error.

Rapid Fund Setup

Quick, efficient launches to keep you ahead of the competition.

Built-In Compliance

Integrated regulatory adherence within all operations.

Transparent Costing

No variable fees, just straightforward pricing.

Lifecycle Assurance

Comprehensive support from fund inception to closure.

Integrated Venture Capital Solutions

Leverage fundcraft’s expertise in venture capital for seamless AIFM and central administration services. Our approach is crafted from top-tier VC experience, offering standardised and compliant back-office processes that are fully digital and platform-supported.


Explore the platform where every piece of your back office connects.

3rd Party AIFM Services

As a CSSF-authorized AIFM in Luxembourg, we adeptly manage your compliance and reporting, safeguarding your fund’s regulatory integrity.

Central Administration

We deliver proactive central administration services, from corporate secretarial duties to detailed financial reporting, with a focus on technological efficiency.



Tell us more about your fund

We will ask you a set of questions regarding your fund’s type, structure, GAAP, etc. relevant for identifying your processes and data/document requirements.


Help us understand your processes

Together, we clarify your processes and improvement needs. We will guide you on all relevant changes you have to make, such as updating bank powers.


We help you gather all necessary information

Focus shifts to the meticulous consolidation of your fund’s historical data. This step is crucial in ensuring that all your essential records are accurately reflected in your new digital hole with fundcraft.


We take care of the rest

We ensure that your data and documents are correctly migrated onto our platform. You just need to review.

Time to Digitise Your VC Operations?

Embrace the future with fundcraft’s all-in-one digital platform. Simplify your operations,
enhance compliance, and unlock strategic growth.

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